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Experience the Artistry: It’s Art See Live!
Step into the world of It’s Art See Live, an electrifying Cleveland-based live art entertainment company under the creative helm of artist Kat Sauder. We are the masters of live art event painting, interactive art, mesmerizing fashion sketches, and much more! Our canvas extends to weddings, music extravaganzas, corporate galas, sporting spectacles, and sacred gatherings.

Watch in awe as your most cherished moments are meticulously etched onto canvas right before the eyes of your guests. Then, revel in the joy of possessing a priceless heirloom that graces your walls, forever preserving the magic of your unique experiences.


Live Wedding Painting

Experience the magic as our artists transform your wedding’s most precious moments into living works of art. We craft emotions onto canvas, preserving the essence of your special day forever.

Fashion Sketches

Make your event memorable by capturing your guests’ fashionable evening attire through bespoke fashion sketches. It’s not just a wedding favor; it;s a talking point that will have everyone buzzing with excitement!

Live Art for Every Occasion

From corporate gatherings and glamorous galas to sporting spectacles and milestone anniversaries, our live paintings add an unforgettable touch to any event. Capture the essence of your special moments with us.

Specialized Services

Elevate Your Experience with Our Specialized Artistry

At It’sArtsee Live, our commitment to creating unforgettable moments goes beyond live event painting. We proudly present our array of specialized fine art services, each designed to infuse emotion, joy, and lasting memories into your events.


Transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary ones as we sketch lively caricatures of your guests, adding laughter and whimsy to your local Home Days, parties, and special occasions.


Immerse yourself in captivating artistry with our mural creations. Do you have a wall you want a custom painting on? These larger-than-life masterpieces breathe life into spaces, becoming timeless backdrops for your memories. Contact us for details!

Portraits from a Photo

Let us turn cherished photographs into treasured heirlooms. Our skilled artists will craft stunning, emotional portraits that capture the essence of your loved ones. Contact us for details.
Whether it’s a lively caricature at a local event or a captivating mural that transforms a space, It’s Artsee Live is here to ensure your events are etched in hearts and minds, creating moments that will never be forgotten.

Don't just say ' I do' immortalize your vows on canvas live!

I am a fine artist and I specialize in live painting those memorable moments from your wedding day. Whether it’s capturing the heartfelt exchange of vows or that magical first dance, we’ll transform those special moments into a beautiful work of art.

Features & Benefits


Make a lasting impression on your guests as our painting captures the essence of your special day.


Let us paint the picture of your romance, turning an emotional connection into visual spectacle for all to see.


Translate your deepest affections onto canvas, as our painter speaks the language of love through each brushstroke.


Capture the timeless beauty and emotions of your wedding day on canvas.


Dazzle your guests with the unique spectacle of an art-in-the-making, elevating your celebration to a work of performance.


Craft the timeles beauty of your wedding day on canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our artists blend in gracefully, elevating your event’s ambience with their silent symphony of brushstrokes.
We tailor each canvas to resonate with your wedding’s theme, ensuring a harmonious blend of visual vibrancy and love.
Our artists excel in translating any theme onto canvas, brilliantly showcasing the nuances of even the most distinct celebrations.
Absolutely not, we handle set-up and logistics, ensuring stress-free, seamless integration into your wedding’s flow.
We expertly accommodate any venue size, ensuring our setup is an enriching addition to your occasion’s landscape.
Interaction is welcome! We love it when couples add their brushstroke, making the artwork deeply personal.
Our artists are versatile and equipped to adapt to various conditions, ensuring your painting’s vibrancy remains unblemished.
Our seasoned artists excel at capturing your essence, ensuring a true-to-life and heartfelt representation.
After the wedding I will spend another 15-20 hours painting. During this time I add all the final brushstrokes to bring it to “life.” The painting is usually finished by the time you’re back from your honeymoon.
We commit to working with you until your treasured masterpiece reflects the depth and joy of your union.
Your painting will be crafted with high-quality materials, designed for longevity and ease of maintenance.
Absolutely, our artists are prepared to travel with you to capture your celebration, wherever it may be. Please contact us for details and costs.

Transforming Moments into Masterpieces: The Unforgettable Magic of Live Event Painting

At the heart of our mission lies a deep understanding of the importance of capturing cherished moments in a way that transcends mere visuals: it delves into the profound realm of emotions. Our live painting service isn’t just about creating art, it’s about crafting a heartfelt experience that adds an indelible dimension to weddings and events.

We firmly believe in surpassing the ordinary, elevating your special day into a timeless work of art that you’ll hold close to your heart forever. Our live paintings serve as enduring memories, tangible embodiments of the love, joy, and unique essence of your event. When you choose our service, you’re investing in an extraordinary, distinctive touch that sets your occasion apart, leaving an indelible impression on you and your guests.

Let’s celebrate the significance of your cherished moments through the emotional and artistic magic of live event painting.


Kat Sauder

A Master of Artistry, A Connoisseur of Craftsmanship

Prepare to have your special day elegantly immortalized by the skilled hands of Kat Sauder. With an unwavering commitment to detail and an unmatched dedication to her craft, Kat is your trusted artist for capturing life’s most precious moments.

As a fine artist, Kat Sauder’s talents shine through her larger-than-life canvases, where brilliant shadow work and the vibrant tapestry of colors come together in harmonious symphony. Her artistic journey began at the esteemed Columbus College of Art and Design, propelling her into the spotlight at prestigious shows such as Cain Park, Beechwood Festival, South Hamptons, Dayton Art Festival, Beerea Art Festival, National Tennessee Art Festival, and the philanthropic Zada Art Show.

Kat draws her inspiration and joy from the people she meets, embracing the diverse tapestry of life’s experiences. Through her art, she encapsulates her boundless passion for life and the inherent beauty that surrounds us all.

Join Kat Sauder on her exquisite fine art journey, and let her artistry touch your soul, one masterpiece at a time. Explore more of her magnificent work at Kat Sauder Fine Art.


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